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Men's Handmade Soap and Sundries

Natural Handmade Soap for Men

Okay, I typically don't like to "gender" my products because, let's be real, I know a lot of guys who love florals and a lot of women who like woodsy smells. On the other hand, I know there are some scents that men tend to prefer as well as products I carry that are more popular with men - beard oil, I'm looking at you. It makes it a bit easier for shopping and gift buying and labeling it "men's handmade soap" makes it easier to find (easy to find - always a good thing).

That being said, no matter who you are, if you like woodsy, earthy, fresh, and nature-inspired scents and rich-lathering, feel-good shaving soap, you'll find them here!

Shaving Soaps & Beard Oils

Tulip Tree Soap Company's handmade shaving soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it contains moisturizing glycerin, conditioning olive oil, and other skin-loving ingredients while creating mounds of thick, rich, luxurious lather. Grab a shaving brush and some hot water and you're ready for a close shave that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

For those of you who want to go a bit more rugged and grow out your beard, we've got you covered, too! Our natural beard oils include a custom blend of nourishing oils to restore even the driest, most scraggly beard to feel softer and healthier. 


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