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How to Get Rid of Static Hair

In the Midwest, winter brings three things: soup, snow, and static. I love soup, tolerate snow, and hate static - especially in my hair. Fortunately, I've tried some solutions - both quick fixes and preventative steps that work. And since I can't be the only one who's chronically irritated by flyaway strands, I'm sharing my finds on how to get rid of static hair with y'all.

What Causes Static Hair?

First, why does hair get more static in the winter? As the air gets really dry, and the strands are rubbing against one another, your hair is gaining some extra electrons and building up an electrical charge. The strands start repelling one another, creating frizz, flyaways, and frustration. 

Why is it more common in the winter? Because water conducts energy so efficiently, moisture in the air helps to cut down on static, so while humid summer air may come with its own problems, static isn't one of them. But in the winter, the air is really dry and most of us rely on central heating which reduces humidity further. Add wearing a wool hat when you go out or your hair rubs against the fabric seats or ceiling in your car and these make static even worse.

Quick Fixes for Static Hair

If you're reading this because your hair looks like it's actively trying to escape your head, try these quick fixes for static. 

Leave-in Conditioner or Hair Oil

This is probably the best and easiest option as you're specifically using a product that contains ingredients designed to add moisture to your hair. If it's an ongoing, all-day issue, keep a bottle in your purse or your car if you get rid of static hair while you're on the go. If you use hair oil, take a drop or two, rub it between your hands and lightly run them through your hair, avoiding the roots. 

Use a Bit of Hairspray

Spray your comb or hairbrush with hairspray to calm things down and keep your hair in place. It's not ideal because the alcohol in it can dry hair further in the long run, but again, this is a quick fix. If you can use an alcohol-free option, go with it instead.

Grab a Fabric Softener Sheet

Dryer sheets are designed to neutralize electrons in your laundry to make your towels and such all soft and static-free, and it does the same to your hair. Take the sheet and just swipe it down your hair and *poof* static is gone. Plus, they're portable (individually, not the whole box) and they smell nice. 

Use Water

Spray or pat a bit of water on your hair to get it under control (at least enough to scrape it into a ponytail). 

Preventing Static Hair 

Okay, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so make sure you're trying these tips to prevent static in your hair.

Use a Gentle, Moisturizing Shampoo

Your natural hair oils are a great defense against static so make sure you are using a sulfate free shampoo that won't strip your hair. 

Choose a Nourishing Conditioner

A good conditioner is a glorious thing - they have ionic and anionic ingredients to prevent tangles, plus natural oils and butters to moisturize, and fatty alcohols (not the drying kind) to improve glide and lock in moisture. Plus, all these awesome ingredients get rid of static, so do not skip the conditioner. If your hair is super oily, avoid conditioning the roots and just focus on the ends. 

Ditch Plastic

Ditching plastic isn't just about getting rid of single use bottles and switching to shampoo bars. You also want to get rid of plastic combs and plastic bristled brushes as these aren't conductive and allow static to build up. Natural bristles can also cause static so your best bet is a wooden or metal comb. Both wood and metal help discharge the static and smooth your hair. 

Get a Humidifier for Your House

If your hair is dry and prone to static, chances are, the humidity levels in your home are just too low. This can make you more prone to colds, dry skin, and chapped lips, which is also not fun, so get a humidifier and improve your air quality almost immediately.

Shop Shampoo and Conditioner Bars to Moisturize Dry Hair and Get Rid of Static

Our shampoo and conditioner bars are specially formulated to provide mild cleansing and moisturizing without stripping your hair or weighing it down making them a great way to choose an eco-friendly solution to get rid of static hair. Mix and match for a custom experience: 

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